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ORIGINAL VINTAGE Lucas Altette ASK for availability & Costs CLAXONS TOETERS HORNS HUPEN Plus Miller Clearhooters Horns for sale whilst they remain, Part ex Broken, incomplete & DUDS! often accepted,
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ORIGINAL VINTAGE Lucas Altette ASK for availability & Costs CLAXONS TOETERS HORNS HUPEN Plus Miller Clearhooters Horns for sale whilst they remain, Part ex Broken, incomplete & DUDS! often accepted,

Top 2 here, views of one only restored Klaxon Kifo also called KIFONET & P&H 217 works really well, is 6V & £245. Paypal with Postage. (I wd suggest Insurance) I do Have a couple of others with less Nickel plus Plain Brass Trumpets  I am now producing a small number Remade Trumpets which Fit Lucas, Prima & COWEY HORNS.  enquire if of Interest..

first one is the Genuine MILLER Made one of HUGE Rarity, I do have another here in BLACK though, GENUINE MADE BY Miller, it works & is the elder type, EXTREMELY RARE the Q series can be made up with a Miller badge & these are scarce but not nearly like this one.
The old one is £200, (an offer has been received & it may be sold in the coming week) & Postage probably last I shall ever have to restore. they are scarce, I have seen one of these only in 30 yrs & about 50 Q series bodies.
The one u showed me is made 30's mid into 40's with a Miller badge in. < Actually Clearhooters Q series Bodies.
marks in pics are reflections.
I shall be looking further in stores:
This is why a telephone call here is not the most productive.

I shall picture the Q Series Clearhooters.
in the Q Series Pic, Miller had by now stopped making their own & all the CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT could carry any front!!.
Top left =Sunburst Q Series, in 1930's these were available in Stadium Simms Raydyot Rotax Desmo CLearhooters CLayrite CLarion Sound Wipac Speaker & several others.
Mid Top Desmo Q Series, as above
Top right, Lissen Q Series, as adove
Bottom Left, Q Series without Front fitted
Bottom Middle Q Series Speaker, this has Vertical Grid with 3 holes to fit not 4 and I do have a chrome front with 3 holes to accept Miller Badge.
Bottom Right is a Black Miller at present fitted with Rotax Badge.
Now you know why I do not advertise 'em much. I adore the old things.

Above see the Rubber mounted 1141 for AJS OHV 1936 1937, a rarity, restored inside & out & sounding superbly, took a lot of work £135 plus packing & postage, NOW SOLD. see the date 10 36 on the spec. plate. 

Most people have lost that thin under disc spacer from, this one then can go straight on with all using flat alloy disc. Laser cut to original shape £5.25 & Postage.

Then the Steel Rippled Disc £6.50 which is used with different Domes plus different  Bezel to Hex or Fluted domes.

There is now the TERMINALS INSULATION FOR ROUND TERMINALS £6 & Postage for the very scarce item now made here however you can make your terminals survive, we make the terminal triangle pieces & terminal pins & securing pin..

Above >One EARLY 1930's Lucas Altette HF317 6 Volts, a nice thing with stainless steel fastener pins & spacers for the Bracket mounts. Working, scarce, suit a Brough Superior etc. £210 rear view below.
Notice the British Patent stamped data still surviving as new on the rim edge. CHECK AVAILABILITY PLU POSTAGE COSTS FIRST

Above & below show: Left the 6V Post 1953 HF 1234 Lucas 6V as used on BSA Swinging Arm machinery, inc Rocket RGS & Gold Star machines inc Norton Panther AJS Matchless Royal Enfield Sunbeam S7 S8. Correct chromed Lucas fasteners. This uses Different Brackets to Clearhooters, neither make bracket takes the other hooter properly.
Both Types can be obtained here when/if available. .............................................
The right side item is Clearhooters 180/A 6V as used with Miller systems on Velocettes Plus some AJS and other Miller Systems from OEC Montgomery Zenith, Douglas Excelsior Stevens, & even Brough Superior, some Nortons from 1936 to early 1960's antirust coated inside, it has the originally used by makers wrinkled Paint coat on body plus disc & It sounds superbly, some Stainless steel fastenings replace the less strong makers brass & Mild Steel chromed ones. Not Quite Fully concours, Horn £180 to £200 approx & Bracket £14.00, Postage within UK £8.50. One only in stock.

Below, one only here, Clearhooters 180/A (12 VOLTS ) for a converted Velocette etc. Machine, Cost £185 plus Bracket £10 & Postage within UK £8.50. These Move regularly & do not remain on shelf here, just ask first for stock info.

Original Lucas Altette 6V Horns BELOW 2 on left are Converted to12Volts, left is a Post 1953 inc Gold Star, Rocket & Right 2 are Vincent 1000 one 6V one 12V.

The LUCAS HF1234 Model number is used on ALL THE CAST IRON BODIED ALTETTES.

Left item is the type of body used on all from 1951 with the front used from 1953 onwards, this is a correct one of the period, a 6V now converted to 12Volts.

MIDDLE is a 12Volts converted also termed LUCAS HF 1234 from 1938 to 1952 in this form which has raised centre bEZEL WITH LUCAS & ALTETTE STAMPED ON plus a flat alloy disc with studs & Chromed Brass hex section domed nuts, this is the type for Vincent 1000's which has the terminals at 12 o'clock specially arranged to clear the VINCENT 1000 footbrake mechanism.

Right item is VINCENT 1000 item in original 6Volts.

Each of these 3 items ONLY seen are £180 plus Postage plus Bracket.

You may trade in what you have in hooters against these.  

Time plus Prices & items here constantly changing, Trade - in prices are circa £30,to £35, send pic plus info first please.

Below the 2 pics: Note date on Terminal Triangle :- 2 44 6V (February 1944 6 Volts) Lucas HF 1235 Restored & antirust coated inside (as WD itens were) I works well, whilst it remains unsold it can be bought at £130 plus £12 for Bracket, whether right angled or flat. Packed well & with Postage within UK cost £8.50. ask for costs outide UK. (this now sold)

WD items when available are £175.

Above shows size differences between Lucas 5H 6H & 8H, also this shows the pre 1963 Lucas 8H with the dome nut on the front 1963 late onwards had no dome nut. Some dealers on ebay are selling the 6H to enthusiasts who do not know the 8H is half the size.

8H when available with or without dome nut converted to work on 12 Volts with a stainless steel Bracket for £105 & P&P.

Similar cost as in 6Volts when here.

SORRY, THIS Black Clearhooters HF80 is JUST SOLD) A one only part here for BSA A65 plus other 60's BSA, Clearhooters HF 80 original Horn for sale, restored inside & out, antirust coats within, stainless steel fasteners, 12Volts & works really well, for outright sale 95.00 plus postage, this is professionally restored and virtually concours condition. Below the varieties of Lucas 8H top 2 are 6Volts early to mid 1960's, with top left as per Cotton Royal Enfield Ariel Arrow Ariel Triumph Tiger Cub BSA post 1959/60 Norton Commando. Lower 2 are Converted & adjusted to use on 12 volts as used on converted makes shown above them Plus Triumph Twins the lower right one is mid 1960 onwards. Your old non working horns of several makes, incomplete or duds can be taken in part ex. otherwise Lucas 8H Cost is 95 for each with bracket, all plus postage & packing.

I still have some of the stick on Clearhooters white labels, you need to paint it over with Clear Laquer to prevent rain or water affecting it. (2 of those shown went this weekend)

The top 2 Lucas HF 1140 HF 1141 are what was supplied originally to New Imperial, Rudge of 1936, BSA all machines from 1936 to 1939 CARRIED THESE plus the M20 WD BSA, Royal Enfield too. The pre WW2 ones are costed when available.
The lower ones are the Post WW2 HF 1441 for Ariel AJS Matchless from 1956 1940's & 50's Douglas, Norton featherbed plus several In Norton Nomad machines all other than 1953 and one other year carried these as standard up to 1959 inc, Triumph had these in their Nacelles whils TR6 carried them externally on the nearside mounted below the seat BSA's 1958 late onwards without the chrome or black headlamp shell carried these in Nacelles & one is a 12V one, post WW2 are well over£100 each. The bottom one in part finish is just there to show what happens to them inside here, cleaned up, rustfree'd antirust coated too, even the points get changed out if needs be.
Below you can see the Stainless Steel studs plus the Copied Lucas Chromed dome nuts, chromed exact A/F Lucas Size Chromed nuts along with the Stainless Steel Washers which MUST GO UNDER DOME NUTS WHEN USED ON MAZAK ORIGINAL ALLOY BEZELS.

Top line is the Domed Pins used on HF 1234 Altettes after 1953 with the rippled steel front Tone Discs.

2 Types of CENTRAL FRONT Dome nuts can be seen, periodically between 1948 to 1953 the Flat, Alloy Tone Disc types used 2 Piece nuts.

Fluted Dome Nuts, 1/4 BSF with the Pre 1946 Central Front Dome Nuts POA inflation changes price.

Brackets for Lucas 6H, HF1141 1441 & BSA M20 exWD. essential to use taper ended brass terminals pins or ordinary 2ba custon stuff causes it toseize before crimping wires .

Limited stock also of Stainless steel brackets for Lucas 8H. POA

Below we have some stronger than the originals Terminals Insulating triangles for Lucas HF 934 935 1234 1235 1141 1140 1441.



Terminal Pins (Brass) seen below can be available, some originals & some new are in the picture!. Paypal Accepted on all above

WT (Windtone Horns) one pair of 12V & one pair of 6V, the latter are rarer items.

Below on TRIUMPH SILENT SCOUT there is one only RIST HORN item here, it was also Used on Zenith Montgomery Royal Enfield, the4 Short ones also used on Austin Seven (7) smaller models.

Ex WD 135 For restored hooter, Rist product Flat or Right angled Bracket available 12.& Postage. (this was built out of 2 and 'a bit Horns & used the better recovered parts & with a new coil, antirust coated inside & with new gaskets & new plus recovered fasteners .

Points can always be repaired,, well I repair my own but 'too busy to do for others, far easier than chucking original items away & buying tatty & rubbishy Asian made devices pretending to be repro of a dozen or so types. PROBABLY ONE OF THE HARDEST PIECES TO FIND FOR REPLACEMET! Now made here, tooling for Plastic moulding was Astronomical! but £6 plus postage covers it.... Personally I have always used epoxy support as well. inside as well.
below? we do not have these HARD PLASIC INSULATIONS FOR round terminal insulations however we still have the post 1951 RUBBER INSULATING PIECES FOR USE WITH FLAT SIDED TERMINAL POSTS AND INSULATING TRIANGLES

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